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OT has helped me… “with writing and being a Handwriting Detective.  Also getting better at pitching a baseball”

A seven year old boy - Pacific Palisades, CA

“Sari helped our daughter transform from a little girl with sensory issues and a lack of attention to a confident, focused, happy child.  We cannot thank her enough for the patience and positive attitude she showed towards our daughter over the year and a half they worked together.  Sari’s creativity and determination was the perfect approach to help meet my daughter’s goals.  Sari promised us that we would see growth and improvement and when it was time for our daughter to “graduate” from OT, she gave us all tools to help our daughter progress even further at home.  Sari is tremendously committed to her work and has an in depth knowledge of many types of therapies.  In short, I can’t imagine finding a more experienced, well qualified and caring therapist and would (and have) recommended her to anyone whose child could benefit from occupational therapy”

Parent of a Six Year Old - Santa Monica, CA

“Over the course of two years while he was in fourth and fifth grades, Sari worked with my son primarily on handwriting and keyboarding.  They developed an excellent rapport, finding common interests while always maintaining a respectful relationship.  In this way, Sari was able to motivate him when teachers and other therapists were unable to.   Her creativity enhanced the value of their sessions.  For example, during the holiday season, they baked and decorated gingerbread men together.  Little did my son know that he was actually receiving therapy during this activity!  Sari always arrived at our home with a smile and a ton of energy.  She kept me updated on my son’s progress and always found the time to address any concerns I had.  I would recommend Sari without hesitation to anyone looking for an excellent occupational therapist.”

Parent of a Child - New York City, NY

“Sari Ockner is that rare combination of expertise and heart. She is a gifted occupational therapist who challenges children and teens to be the best that they can be and she truly cares about each individual and family.  I have had the opportunity to work with Sari both as a parent and as a professional. My son has grown tremendously since he has been working with her in the areas of independence and socialization.  Professionally, Sari has developed a cooking program in my inclusive summer camp program at Vista Del Mar with creative classes that develop fine motor, problem solving skills, as well as socialization. The children, teens, staff and volunteers love working with Sari.”

Elaine Hall - Founder of "The Miracle Project". Author of "Now I See the Moon".

“Sari was highly recommended to our family from another family in our neighborhood.  I was concerned, as his preschool year was coming to an end that our son had some fine motor difficulties (i.e. how he held a pencil, used scissors, learning to write his letters).  Sari came to our home and did a screening to see how my son’s fine motor skills were compared to others his age.  We were please when Sari reported that his skills were good and that he did not need OT.  She explained that while I had some concerns, his motor skills were developmentally appropriate for his current age.  It was refreshing to hear such honesty!  I loved the idea of Sari’s Kindergarten Readiness Program to refine his skills and prepare him for the upcoming school year.  Sari has a way of presenting her activities so my son feels like he is playing.   She is flexible with her sessions and easily engages my daughter (and at times her friends) into parts of the session so all the “work” seems more natural and playful for my son.  With Sari’s help my son is ready for Kindergarten!“

Parent of a Five Year Old - Pacific Palisades, CA

“It has been a privilege and a wonderful professional experience to have worked with Sari Ockner for almost 10 years.  She is bright, dedicated and truly cares about each and every child with whom she works.  As part of the Occupational Therapy team at The Gramercy School in New York City, Sari and I designed personalized handwriting and fine motor programs for special education preschool students.  I have observed how Sari’s strong clinical skills reflect on each child with whom she works.  She loves a challenge and has a unique ability to problem solve special situations.  Sari connects with children in a way one cannot be taught; she is fun, charismatic and has an innate sense of empathy and professionalism.  Sari is an excellent Occupational Therapist and I am proud to know her on a professional and personal level.”

Lauren Stern, OTR/L - http:// www.LaurenSternKidsOT.com

“Sari Ockner, my son’s preschool occupational therapist, was an extraordinary member of his special education team. She truly “got” how to work with him and he loved his sessions even though she pushed him out of his comfort zone. Sari is truly a sensory smart OT who understands how sensory issues affect kids at home and school, and can offer invaluable guidance. What’s especially wonderful about working with Sari is that she is always willing to strategize with other professionals, the parents, and child in order to ensure that your sensory kid gets the support he needs in every environment. If you have a chance to work with her, jump on the opportunity!”

Nancy Peske - Co-author of "Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Issues"

“Sari has been helping our daughter with her writing skills for over a year and her progress has been absolutely amazing! From the very beginning, Sari established a strong rapport with my daughter and was able to engage her in the activities that were difficult for her and help her achieve success.  Our daughter (and us) love Sari and we look forward to seeing her every time. Sari is so friendly, and she genuinely cares about how our daughter is doing and progressing—an invaluable quality. Sari has also been great in communicating with our daughter’s teacher at school. She looks at each of her students as a whole, and suggests what areas he or she needs the most help in. For example, with our child, Sari recognized that she may need Educational Therapy and she was right on!!! We feel lucky to have met Sari and to have her helping our daughter. She is not only her therapist, but she is also a true friend to her and to our family.”

Parent of a Seven Year Old - Brentwood, CA