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Home & School Environment Assessment

Home & School Environment Assessment

Children with sensory needs often benefit from adaptations in their environment to support their success.  In addition to therapy sessions, Sari offers a customized assessment of the home and/or school environment that will offer physical and sensory strategies to meet each child’s individual needs.

Such strategies may include:

  • De-cluttering and/or re-organizing your child’s bedroom to help ease difficulties with bedtime
  • Creating an appropriate workspace with appropriate seating to complete homework
  • Making a visual schedule to ease transitions and daily routines
  • Setting up a soothing sensory environment by including the right music, lighting, wall color, and bedding.
  • Finding the just right “sensory diet” to foster success throughout the day
  • Offering suggestions to teachers to improve your child’s school performance via specialty seating, paper, and pencil grasps.
  • Collaboration with teachers to find the right sensory strategies to help with attention and focus.

School visits can often be arranged.

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