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Suggested Handwriting Apps

In our ever developing digital age, many children are highly motivated by screen time.  I have found a great way to “sneak” in basic handwriting training for letter formation through a variety of different apps.  These apps are excellent to introduce to children, especially those that have a strong dislike for pencil-paper tasks.

Parents & teachers are often asking which are the best handwriting applications to use on iDevices.  Here is a list of apps, starting low – high in price order, for the iPad that I suggest for you to explore.

Little Writer Tracing App $1.99
Zaner-Bloser Handwriting $1.99
iWrite Words $2.99
Touch and Write $2.99
Letter Workbook School Edition $2.99
Dexteria $3.99
iTrace $3.99
Writing Wizard $4.99
Letter School $4.99
ABC Pocket Phonics $6.99

When using these apps a child can use their finger or a very small square piece of a dry kitchen sponge, which promotes the development of a tripod grasp.  Please message me and let me know which apps you find most helpful!

– Sari Ockner, OTR/L


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