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Summer Tips: 5 Multi-Sensory Ways to Practice Handwriting

School is out for the summer!  Children should continue to practice their handwriting basics when enjoying their time off from school.  Here are five fun, multi-sensory ways you can easily incorporate handwriting into your child’s daily summer routine.  These activities include a variety of sensory modalities that will allow children to practice their letter formation without pencil and paper.

1.  Beach Time!  images-2

Have your child fill pails with water and dump them onto the sand to make their canvas.  Have their little hands flatten out the sand making a smooth surface. Practice writing letters with their fingers or with a stick or a seashell in the sand!


2 .  Let’s Cook!

Unknown Have your child help you knead and roll out cookie dough to strengthen their hands. Then separate the dough into 2-3 inch balls.  Next, have your child roll out the balls into long cylinders with their fingers.  Last, have them use each rolled strip to form different letters.  Bake. Decorate. Enjoy!



3.  Road Writing!

Using sidewalk chalk your child can practice writing numbers by setting up a hopscotch game. Hangman is another great game to play where your child can practice his letters and draw a person too.

4.  Bath Time!



Forming letters with shaving cream or foam soap on the walls during bath time is a great tactile activity.



5. Bed Time!

In the dark, your child can write letters on the wall using a flashlight.


Just a few simple & fun ways to incorporate different sensory modalities to keep your child interested and caught up on their handwriting basics over their break from school!


— Sari Ockner, OTR/L

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